Kids Painting Lessons
(ages 5 & above)

Price:  $25 per student for 1 hour on 9x12 canvas, all supplies included. If you don't see something in this gallery that you'd like to try, you may request a Custom Painting during registration for an additional $25 for us to work out a new lesson for you. 
Description: These lessons are taught in our Color it In format to ensure that each child has a fun and stress-free experience. This means that the main drawing element has been pre-illustrated and die-cut for the student. Each child will be taught the painting techniques for the background, along with colored pencil and/or marker techniques for the drawn portion. Then a special collage glue will be applied to paste it on the canvas. This format is easy, yet gives the child experience with a variety of mediums with a crafting element as well.

To register, please fill out the form on the previous page.


Children ages 10 & above may opt to do a Teen Painting Lesson.

Kids Painting Gallery: