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We are a vendor with the following charter schools: Blue Ridge, iLEAD, Sage Oak, Springs Charter, and Suncoast Prep.

1. Please fill out the Intent to Enroll Form below. You'll receive an email from Color it In titled "Charter Intent to Enroll Form Received"

2. Use the info here and on the Intent Form for your charter school to set up a Purchase Order.

3. Once we receive the PO, you'll receive a confirmation email from Color it In titled "Welcome New Student! (please read & reply)"


$150 per student per month. Due to extremely limited space, we cannot offer sibling discounts at this time. 


Please CLICK HERE to see the current Class Schedule and description of our classes. All our classes are non-sectarian.

Charter Schools

ages 7* & above

(*We might make exceptions for 6 year olds upon a trial month. Click Charter Intent to Enroll Form below for details)

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