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About Sara

I was always an artist with the goal in mind to one day teach. I developed my methods out of frustration in taking traditional art classes where I felt the teachers didn't actually teach, but expected the students to figure it out through trial and error, and to depend on "talent." Well, I had a natural gift for art, but where to go from there? I wanted to be able to approach art without fear of making a mistake that becomes difficult to recover from. I decided to become consciously aware of why my art turned out well, and why it sometimes didn't. This is how each of my methods were born. When the economy crashed and I lost everything, I saw a small window of opportunity, crossed my fingers, and in 2010 I opened up a studio with my unemployment checks. Now years later, my methods not only truly teach my students how to successfully execute a picture from beginning to end, but my programs are set up to build upon one another so that each student can unlock their potential to become a fully realized artist. This structure is the key to why my students stay long-term, and I thank all the blessings in disguise that fell into place at just the right time to enable me to share my knowledge of art.

I hope to see you in my classes!


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