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Reopening in May 2021

Good news! The studio will be reopening in May! To ensure the utmost safety, the following guidelines must be followed:

  • We will only be accepting 6 students per class with one Instructor. Instructor will wear a mask at all times and follow all sanitary protocols. Instructor will be fully vaccinated by the time classes resume.
  • A proper mask must be worn at all times upon entering the studio, NO EXCEPTIONS. Thin handkerchiefs, t-shirts or any thin looking makeshift masks cannot be accepted. Masks should cover the nose, chin and shouldn't have gaps on the sides.
  • Due to the mask requirement, we are not accepting children under 7 years old at this time (only ages 7 & above) to ensure that all kids can handle wearing their masks for the full 90 minutes of class.
  • A table will be placed at the front door for check-in. Please stand on the markers placed 6' apart from anyone in line. To limit contact, parents, siblings or other guests will not be allowed to enter the studio.
  • A staff member will be checking in each student at the door with a no touch thermometer. Any student registering a fever or who appears sick will not be allowed to enter. Staff will provide sanitizer at the door.
  • Late students must wait outside the door and wait for a temperature check before sanitizing their hands.
  • Parents will not be allowed to enter during pick up time. Students will be let outside when parent is visible at the door.
  • To reduce contact, any supplies needing to be purchased will be charged to the Autopay card that you provide during registration