Teen/Adult Program:
Returning Student Registration


NOTE FOR SIBLINGS: It would be most helpful if you register each sibling separately with Coupon Code SIB each time. If you find this too inconvenient, then process with Quantity 2 in one single transaction as directed below; I will separate them manually and you'll receive several change notifications.

1. Click on the registration button above

2. On the calendar page, select number of students under Quantity, select your class day & time from beginning of the month (the first Sunday of the month), then "Recurring" (not "Continue")

3. On the Recurring page: It is set to a default of 4 classes, just click  Click Add Recurring Times, then Continue on the next page  (2 siblings should see 2 dates each. *See sibling note above). 

4. On the Your Info page, enter the Name of the Student (siblings write both first names in the First Name box) at the top, parent/guardian name on the form below if applicable.

5. SIBLINGS: click on Redeem Coupon and enter code SIB to receive your 10% sibling discount.

6. Click Pay Now to complete your registration.

This registration system allows you to cancel and reschedule your own classes. However, we ask that if you need to reschedule any of your classes into the next month, that you cancel first, then reschedule after the 10th.