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Session 1

June 19-23, 2023

Mon-Fri (5 days)

10:00am-1:00pm (15 hours total)

Ages 7 - 15


Session 2

July 10-14, 2023

Mon-Fri (5 days)

10:00am-1pm (15 hours total)

Ages 7-15


Session 3

Aug 7 -11, 2023

Mon-Fri (5 days)

10:00am-1:00pm (15 hours total)

Ages 7-15


Overview: Students will learn how to paint 4 beautiful Summer seascapes and 1 fun Watermelon with a zen design in the background. The paintings may look difficult, but they'll be broken down in to easy steps for a child as young as 7 years old to follow, yet challenging enough for older kids to enjoy. Techniques include shading, texture, reflections, a glitter sky, zen doodling, as well as realistic mountains and trees. All supplies included.


Monday: "Fireworks"

Tuesday: "Red Umbrella Beach"

Wednesday: "Watermelon Zen"

Thursday: "Tuscan Arch"

Friday: "Summer Lake"

9:50-10:10am: Check students in

10:10: Begin acrylic painting lesson. These are long form lessons on 12x16 canvas panel and will most likely take the full 3 hours to complete. However, if the class finishes that day's painting early, then the kids can sculpt with clay or work on individual drawing projects with access to our hundreds of references.

11:30am: Lunch/Snack break.

11:45am: Resume lesson

12:50pm: Call clean up

Prerequisites: Must be at least 7 years old. No experience necessary but it's helpful if the child is already artistically inclined with motor skills appropriate for their age. 

What to Bring: Lunch or snacks (although please refrain from providing sugary foods & drinks to avoid hyperactivity). We have a watercooler. No need to bring any supplies, we'll provide everything.

Cancellation Policy: Absence notifications are due at least 24 hours before the class via email (

On-time absence notices may receive credit in another Summer Art Camp 2023 session, if available. If not available, we can offer a make up class in our regular Kids Program (weekly 1.5hr lessons).

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