New! Sculpture Classes
for ages 5 & above

Currently being offered as Virtual Classes via Zoom. After you register, you'll be sent a confirmation email containing a Zoom link to your first class. Each email reminder thereafter will contain its own unique Zoom link. 

Sculpture Classes:

DESCRIPTION: Learn to sculpt a variety of adorable characters! Once they're dry, we'll have fun painting on the details and adding cute faces.

TUITION: $92 per month ($23 per class)

SCHEDULE: Mondays @ 3:15 (first class starts Monday, September 7th)


- Crayola Air Dry Clay, White, 2.5 lb OR 5lb tub

Apple Barrel Paint Set OR  Craft Smart Paint Set

- Paint Brush Set

- Black Sharpie Marker

- Bowl of water

- Paper plate for paints

- Paper towel

- Sheet of wax paper or another paper plate to sculpt on