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Kids Program New Student Registration

Step 1: Sign and submit our Enrollment Agreement to

Step 2: Sign and submit our Autopay Form

Step 3. Fill out and submit our General Information Form below.

Enrollment Agreement:

please review this document carefully, especially our Cancellation Policy:

Autopay Form:

All Students are required to sign up for Autopay; your tuition payments will automatically be withdrawn and we will schedule your child(ren) into their classes each month. You'll receive a 20% discount of $23 per class for a max of 4 classes in your first month. After your first month, the rate will go up to $115 per month (siblings receive a 10% discount). You may cancel your Autopay by filling out our Cancel Autopay Form before the 25th if you decide to not return.*

Please select your desired recurring class day & time:*

Month you would like to start:*

If the month has already started and you'd like to begin classes now, we will pro-rate your New Student Discount at $23 per class for the remainder of the month. For example, if you chose every Tue 3:15 and there are 2 Tuesdays left this month, you'll be charged $46 this month and $115 for next month. Please note: our office hours are Tue - Fri, so if you're submitting this on Friday evening for a weekend class, we cannot process your registration until Tuesday.*

You are not considered registered until you receive a confirmation email containing your schedule. We cannot register you until we receive your signed Enrollment Agreement, Autopay Form and this submission.*

Main Parent/Guardian First & Last Name:*

Cell Phone Number (you'll receive a text reminder 24 hours before each class)*

Email Address:*

Student's First & Last Name*

Student's Age*

Date of Student's Birth:*

2nd Sibling Name, Age & DOB (if registering):

3rd Sibling Name, Age & DOB (if registering):

Do any of the students being registered have any physical or psychological considerations we should know about? If yes, please explain. If not, write No.*

Emergency Contact Name and phone number (optional, other than yourself):

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