Kids Program
for ages 5 & above

Currently being offered as Virtual Classes via Zoom. After you register, you'll be sent a confirmation email containing a Zoom link to your first class. Each email reminder thereafter will contain its own unique Zoom link. 

DESCRIPTION: In this Program, we focus on free-hand drawing and coloring skills. Emphasis is on accurate proportions and placement of shapes, and coloring neatly with the goal of introducing shading. We start all kids off either in our introductory phase, called the White Box, or beginning phase called the Red Box. If either of those phases prove too easy for your child, we will graduate them to a higher level.



TUITION: $92 per month ($23 per class)


White Box Group (ages 5 to 9): Tuesdays @ 3:15

Red Box Group (ages 10 & above): Tuesdays @ 3:15


Noyo Gel Crayons, 36 set

Smooth Newsprint

- Pencil and separate eraser


You'll be emailed an Introductory Video to be reviewed prior to the first class.

TUITION: Special rate of $92 per month during shut down

SCHEDULE: schedule varies depending on where the student left off. The registration button below contains check boxes according to phases. If you don't know your child's phase, check the "I'm not sure" box.

SUPPLIES: if your child no longer has their supplies, please email [email protected] and you'll be sent links to order appropriate supplies.