Kids Program:
New Student Registration for Virtual Classes

Due to the COVID-19 shut down, we are now offering Virtual Classes at a special 50% discount ($57.50 per student) for New Students starting in May 2020

Materials: We are not able to sell you supplies in person due to the shutdown. Therefore, please purchase the following as soon as possible to ensure you have them in time for your first virtual class (if the following become unavailable, please email [email protected] for alternative recommendations):

1. Smooth Newsprint - available at Staples or Amazon

2. Noyo Gel Crayons, 36set  - available at Amazon. If that becomes unavailable, order Shuttle Art Gel Crayons, 48set

Introductory Video: After you submit your registration request, you'll be emailed a video for your child to follow along with  before their first  class so that they will be familiar with the supplies and drawing technique.

Register: Please fill out the form below to make your registration request: