Kids Program:
New Student Registration
(Registration opens on the 25th for the upcoming month. Ex: May Registration will open April 25)

Your New Student Discount of 20% off ($92) is built into the registration button below. 

Materials: An additional $19.99 plus tax per student for Starting Materials is due on your first day before class begins (this is a requirement, no exceptions)

If there is no space left in your desired class (upon clicking the above button), email [email protected] with your preferred class day & time; there's a possibility that we may be able to schedule another teacher to cover new students.


NOTE FOR SIBLINGS: Please register each sibling separately.

1. Click on the registration button above 

2. Select your class day & time from *beginning of the month (ex: first Tuesday of the month), then "Recurring" (not "Continue").  

3. On the Recurring page: It is set to a default of 4 classes, just click Add Recurring Times, then Continue on the next page  

4. On the Your Info page, enter the Name of the Student at the top, parent/guardian name on the form below it.

5. Click Pay Now to complete your registration.

*Late Registrations (if you missed the first week of the month):  click 1st desired available date & time, select Recurring, then change the dropdown menu from 4 to however many classes are left. For example, if you selected Tue @ 3:15 and there are only two available Tuesdays left in the month, change the 4 to 2. If you have selected the only remaining Tuesday left, select Continue instead of Recurring.