Class Terms: Teen/Adult Program

1. Parents in Class: We request that parents/guardians do not remain in class while class is in session, unless parent/guardian has paid to attend the class.

2. Tuition:

- Please do not arrive to class without a pre-paid appointment.

- Registration and Tuition are due by the 25th of each month for the upcoming month of classes.

- Once enrolled, pricing will automatically increase $10 after the 25th for tuition not received by the due date of the 25th. 

3. Cancels & Reschedules:  Our scheduling system allows you to cancel and reschedule your own appointments online.

- A 2 hour notice is required. If you miss the deadline, the system will not allow it and you will be considered a "No Show"

- No shows and late cancellations lose the class. 

- If you cancel on time, Color it In will email you a coupon code to enable you to re-book the class. Because there is only one Teen/Adult class, you can apply the coupon code to your new month of Sunday 1pm classes; this will allow you to set 4 appointments but you will only be charged for 3. You have until the end of the next month to redeem your coupon.

- Make up classes cannot be accumulated to be used in place of a paid month, or credited toward an existing student.

- We reserve the right to send any student home without granting a make up class if they become or arrive sick to class, or prove to be disruptive  or uncooperative.

4. Five Week Policy: Your tuition pays for 4 classes. When there are 5 weeks in a month, class will meet for the first 4 weeks only.

5. Supplies: Student(s) are required to bring their supplies to class. Otherwise, a material fee must be paid before class begins.

6. Exiting the Program: If you decide to exit the Program, you will have 2 weeks from the last class attended to pick up any art work or supplies that were left. Otherwise, the art work will be discarded or supplies retained for the studio.

7. Student Art for Promotion: Color it In reserves the right to use student art work for advertising or promotion of the Program.

8. Refunds: Course cancellations after your first class may receive a refund for the remaining 3 classes (no refunds on used supplies), or you may use as credit toward future classes. We reserve the right to dismiss any customer who we feel is not the right fit for our Program, who does not cooperate with our policies, or if conduct or behavior proves to be disruptive, difficult or harmful with no refund upon dismissal from the Program.