Art Party Terms


  • Payment for at least the 8 student minimum is due in full at least 15 days prior to the event.  A final head count and payment for any additional guests is due in full 48 hours prior to event. Color it In will send you an email with a link for remaining payment.
  • Refunds are not granted for students who cancel after your final head count has been submitted, or for those who fail to show up to the lesson.
  • Refunds for the full minimum (and any requested custom images) cannot be granted for cancellations made within 7 days of the event. 

Custom Image Requests:

  • If you choose a Custom Picture, please note that we may have to simplify the image in order to teach a group. We will email you a photo of the image for your approval.
  • We cannot accommodate realistic portraits or figures.
  • You may ask to modify an existing image from our gallery, such as a different color scheme, free of charge.


  • Please have your guests arrive 15 minutes early so that we may start the lesson on time.
  • Host/Hostess may arrive 45 minutes early to set up and/or decorate the space. We have three 2'x6' countertops and 9 extra stools for your use.
  • You are welcome to bring drinks and snacks to your event. Adult Parties may bring wine if everyone is over 21.